The Evil Within 2 – Return to the Nightmare

June 13, 2017

Misery may love company, but that passion pales in comparison to how it obsesses over Sebastian Castellanos. It can’t get enough of him. It stalks him through every waking minute of his life, and follows him into the depths of his dreams, bringing horrifying visions of the traumas he has endured. It dogs him relentlessly with thoughts of the daughter he couldn’t save, the wife he drove away, the friends he lost, and the terrors he’s only barely survived. In The Evil Within 2, misery sinks its claws even deeper into Sebastian and it has no intention of letting go.

“Sebastian Castellanos is a former detective, but more importantly this time around, he’s a man struggling with loss and desperation,” says Game Director John Johanas. “He was a father who cared very deeply for his family and those around him, and now he’s alone in the world. Upon losing his family before the events of the first game, Sebastian became much rougher around the edges, and much more cynical –but he still remained faithful to his duty as a detective, with a very strong sense of right and wrong that even tragedy hasn’t been able to take away.”

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The horrifying things Sebastian experienced in the first game left him scarred, but rather than run from the source of his nightmares, Sebastian chased after them. He spent three years seeking answers to the questions that plagued him and trying to find the organization who ruined his life. Who is Mobius? What do they want? What is the true purpose of STEM?

“STEM is a piece of technology Mobius that allows for shared consciousness by connecting human minds,” explains Producer Shinsaku Ohara. “Mobius believes this shared conscious can bring order and peace to the world, but their true motives are unclear, and that’s what Sebastian has been trying to uncover.”

He found nothing, and lost everything in his search. Anyone who might have corroborated his story is either dead or in the wind.

“Sebastian lost his partners from the police force, and learned that Juli Kidman, a rookie he had personally taken under his wing, was working for the very people who threw him into that nightmare,” explains Johanas. “No one believed his story, and Sebastian was let go from the police department and threw himself deeper into his hunt for the truth. Unable to find any solid leads, Sebastian has become emotionally broken and has fallen back on his old habit of drinking.”

But from this darkness comes a chance at redemption. “Kidman, Sebastian’s former partner, shows up out of the blue and tells him that the daughter he thought was dead is actually alive,” says Ohara. This is just the catalyst for new nightmares that will unfold in The Evil Within 2. “Not only has Lily been alive all along, but Mobius has her and is using her as the main test subject in their renewed attempts to create a STEM world. But she has gone missing in STEM, and the only way to save her is for Sebastian to go in after her and track her down.”

After all his suffering – in part at the hands of Kidman – Sebastian is more than hesitant to believe his former partner. “Sebastian survived the events at Beacon Mental Hospital and learned that Kidman was, in fact, a double agent for Mobius and was responsible for his experiences in the first game,” says Johanas. “She’s the last person Sebastian feels he can trust. Kidman, as a current member of Mobius, is the one to seek Sebastian out, believing he is the best person to go back into STEM and find Lily.”

As Sebastian ventures once more into STEM, Kidman will offer support from the outside, both giving him useful information about the world Mobius has created, as well as providing him with a tether to the real world.

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“At the beginning of the game, Sebastian doesn’t trust Kidman for obvious reasons,” adds Ohara. “But as the story progresses, Sebastian learns about Kidman’s true motive for working as a Mobius agent.”

Now Sebastian will have to put his faith in Kidman as he faces off against new enemies if he is going to have any chance at saving Lily and getting his life back.

The Evil Within 2 will be available on Friday the 13th in October 2017 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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